Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Skullcandy Aviators

I recently ordered and received my Skullcandy Aviators.  I'll give a small review of these bad boys.

First off the look of these headphones are very pleasing to the eyes. They're slick, thin, and lightweight.  One of the first things you notice is the polished aviator lens on each headpiece which leave a very nice gleam every time light hits them.  The band is a piece of stitched leather that is covered by the two pieces of aluminum wire that go over and connect the whole thing and you see the skullcandy logo on the sides as well.

One of the most important things to me is sound from my headphones and these headphones deliver completely.  They have a clear, crisp, and vibrant sound.  There is no muffle with any song I've heard so far and the bass is very hefty as well.

Comfort is another important aspect for me.  I have another pair of headphones from skullcandy which are the Hesh.  I love these headphones, they have a great sound and bass, but they hurt my head every single time I wear them.  They always give me a headache and hurt my ears after maybe an hour or two.  With the Aviators, that is not the case whatsoever.  When I first put these headphones on I fell in love with them.  They put no pressure on the head and are extremely comfortable on the ears. So let me reiterate what I think about the comfort level on these headphones


Other Issues:
One of my biggest concerns about these headphones is the aviator lens itself.  I have this constant fear that if I apply any pressure to them if they're in my backpack or anything, that they might break.  The lens itself is also very determined on showing any trace of smudges and fingerprints, but luckily the headphones come with a microfiber cloth so you can clean them off.

Second issue is the price.  These bad boys are going to cost you around $149.95. Personally though I feel that they are worth the price.

With any skullcandy's you get a stencil and whatnot, but the highlight with these headphones is a very nice and stylish leather carrying case that they come with.

The headphones also have a feature of being able to control your music and volume.  The headphones have a little controller near the top of the headphones.  There is a button to raise the volume, a button to lower the volume, and there is a center button with the skullcandy logo that controls your music.  You pus the button once to pause your music, you push it again to unpause the song.  When you push the center button twice it skips the song ahead to the next track.  If you push the button three times it goes back to the previous track, but this feature only works if you do it in the first few seconds in the beginning of a song.  So if you push the button three times in the middle of song it will just go to the next track and pause, personally I found this to be a bit of letdown, but not something that ruins the headphones.

Overall I absolutely love these headphones and I would definitely recommend them, they have a good sound, stylish look, and a warranty that skullcandy gives with every headphone they have.  The positives outweigh the minuscule negatives and I would highly recommend that if you have the money for these that they would be a very great investment for your music enjoyment.


  1. Are you using them mostly for casual listening, or are you doing any dj or recording work with them?

  2. I have noticed that the skullcandy ones just don't fit into my ears properly, I might have smaller ears. But I just go with the cheap coby ones off of amazon, they are white and comfortable, but do not sound as good as the skullcandy

  3. These headphones are casual, not recording work or dj stuff.

  4. skullcandys are decent, id go with shures' though, may not look as flashy but worth the pretty penny they cost

  5. Those looks amazing. I have a pair of skullcandy Earbuds.