Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Grapefruit is the Devil

So this morning I had to go the library to go pick up a book, it's a kids book called Chowder which is actually a really good book.  If you ever get the chance read it, it's by Peter Brown.  Anyway when I come home I decide I need to eat considering I never ate breakfast.  So I go to the fridge and I get the last yogurt, which was peach, a glass of orange juice, and premade sliced grapefruit.  I eat the yogurt and drink some of my juice.  Now in the past I ate grapefruit and wasn't too fond of it due to the bitterness of it, this premade stuff made the real fruit taste sweet.  The fruit was beyond bitter, not even sugar could help this god-forsaken abomination of fruit, it was just awful, but i'm not one to waste I ate it all with much disdain.

So that's my morning so far and I'm gonna head to class soon, so I leave you guys with these things and I hope you guys have a great day.

If you can understand this next picture then you are a nerd and aware of historical figures.


  1. second one is really great! I laughed much ;-)

  2. haha the famous artists that were the namesakes of the tmnt dressed up as tmnt? awesome!

  3. I had grapefruit this morning. It was most excellent.

  4. Charles Darwin + Cockfighting