Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hey guess what?

I have a few things to show you guys from newgrounds, a lot of these though is a bit NSFW so be wary with these.

First is Egoraptor, if you haven't heard of him before or seen any of his work it's pretty damn good and hilarious, though some of it can drag on for a bit.

Then we have the Street Fighter Collaboration, the last flash in this collection is the one you need to watch with either a bunch of friends with a good sense of humor or by yourself.

Then is the Nintendo spoofs. There are three parts and these as well are ones you watch with friends or yourself. (First Part) (Second Part) (Third Part)

Next I have a cool little tip that I found recently.  It's for creating new passwords is a very clever way.

I found this guy one day and I instantly found him hilarious.

Lastly, what is one of my blog posts, without some sort of funny picture?

I think more relationships should be handled with mathematics as well.

Have a great day you guys.


  1. haha, the human ventriloquist was awesome!

  2. I feel like such a nerd laughing at these but then I remember what I really think: fuck the system.

  3. again great post keep up the good work

  4. The mario bit is pretty damn funny

  5. Liked the Mario pic and the links.

  6. These were hilarious. I really enjoyed the Pokémon and the Venn Diagram ones!

  7. Mario for the win. Thanks making me smile man. Keep it up!

  8. haha, ohh man! i just found out some stuff about this girl i've known for years, and mario, i know how you feel, lol.

  9. lololol mario gay. nah he is defiantly fucking daisy