Thursday, February 17, 2011

A few things for today

So after a month long process of dealing with iTunes I've finally got my ipod back to working order.  Let me put some light on this subject though.

Originally I had an iPod that I had bought that obviously had all my music.  There were some issues going on with my computer so I had to wipe the hard drive clean, but saving everything I needed on an external hard drive though. Realizing that my my library was no longer on my computer I didn't know how to get all my music back.  After some digging around on the internet I found out that the ipod actually has internal folders that you can go through that carry certain files.  I also found out that you can find the folder that holds all the music on the ipod and actually extract it.  By doing this I was able to put that folder into itunes and my music was mine once again.  It was about a month or so ago I was going through my desktop trying to figure out how free up some space on the internal hard drive and I came across a folder, it was 16GB and I thought, "Geez, this thing takes up a lot of space."

So I deleted it.  It was so big my computer even told me, "This folder is too big to fit into the Recycle Bin. Did you just want to delete it?"  So I did.

A few days after that I had just bought a new CD and I wanted to put it on my itunes.  When I opened itunes, I saw a bunch of grey circles with exclamation marks in them.  I wasn't foreign to what these were so I already knew what they meant.  The file couldn't be found, and I thought for awhile about what could have happened...and then it dawned on me--the folder I deleted is the reason why my music is all gone.

The only things that remained in my library was music I had added after putting the folder in itunes.  So I now had to go through and manually put every album back into my itunes.  This was a good and bad thing at the same time.  The good?  I did have the music to actually put the music back without guessing what was on my ipod.  The bad?  I had to still search for everything to put on my ipod.

As I said before it was only recently that I finished, I had to put the music in itunes, get the artwork for the music I could find, and edit the information for the albums so the album itself doesn't reappear 80 fucking times because of an extra person for one song.

Either way though I'm glad it's all over, hopefully I don't have to deal with this again...hopefully.

So after this extremely long soliloquy, I also want to tell you guys about some other things.

First: Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is pretty badass.  This will be something I will enjoy thoroughly .

Second: This is a serious matter

Thirdly: Math humor is great
Lastly: Nostaglia



  1. thought the maths joke was pretty funny. you should have got idump to get your music off the ipod.

  2. Man, I would freak out if I lost all of my music. 112.5GB, 18625 tracks and counting. That reminds me, I need to back that up...

  3. Loved the hay comic, never thought about it that way