Friday, March 11, 2011

Like the Flash

So not much to post today, but I have to do a take home test for one of my classes and I'm pretty nervous about it, but I'm just over thinking the whole thing.

Anyway I'm not sure if everyone has heard but recently an earthquake of magnitude 8.9 hit Japan and there is obviously the concern of a tsunami headed their way, but I guess that's the price when you live on a country that is over four plate boundaries.

So to leave depart from all this I leave you guys with this.


  1. I expect Japan to get well soon if that nuclear power plant doesn't blow up.

  2. Leaking Nuclear power plants+tsunamis=real life Godzilla

  3. i always thought the same thing when i hatched an exeggcute...

  4. Aww I wish you hadn't put those images up with such sad news, now I was giggling reading about the tsunami :<