Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm excited

I just feel great today, for the past few days I was feeling pretty melancholy  but today is completely different.  I just feel amazing like I can't be stopped.  Anyway I wanted to just post a few things and then I will see you guys later.

First is this man:
With an amazing voice, he adheres to the radio image.  Sound nothing like what you look.

Lastly is this movie, I've wanted to see it for awhile but the theaters here in Reno don't like to show good movies, but either way it looks really good and hopefully I get a chance to see it soon, oh and also get Black Swan when it comes out at the end of this month it's a damn good movie...with the obligatory lezzing out by the main actresses.


  1. I saw the clip with the golden voice-guy before, and just had to find out where all that led him, and apparently he's got a job at a radio now!

  2. i thought the golden voice guy relapsed and is in rehab now

  3. Wow this voice is just... amazing!

  4. Oh my god that voice. You can TRAIN to talk like that? SIGN ME UP.

  5. That dudes voice is amazing, wow.